How to prepare

CONFIDENCE: The Sexiest Part of a women is her confidence, go stand in front of the mirror ignore the fact that your hair may not be done or that you are not wearing any makeup you are beautiful. And its time you tell yourself. Say I am gorgeous! Find that feature you look about yourself and say why it aids to your unique beauty.

HAIR STYLING: Professional hair styling is included in your Investment at Latifah’s Boudoir. Please come with your hair clean/dry and free of styling products. If you are looking to glam up your hairstyle CLIP IN EXTENSION, HAIR PIECE and even WIGS can provide an ultra-sexy transformation.

MAKEUP: Professional Makeup is included in your Investment at Latifah’s Boudoir. If you have any allergies or sensitivities please let us know.


  • Treat yourself to manicure and pedicure
  • Mini workout in the morning raises energy levels and temporarily firms your body giving you that extra needed strength during poses.
  • Drink plenty of water- Hydrate keeps skin and lips supple.
  • Groom Eyebrows
  • Eat Breakfast! Do not starve yourself you will need your energy eat some protein and fruit (berries)
  • Get a goodnight sleep.



  • DON’T! Buy Lingerie that is too small. We don’t want your cups spilling over and for you to be uncomfortable.
  • No Tanning Salon
  • Avoid facial waxing 2 days before redness may still be present.
  • Don’t wear form fitting clothing that will leave impressions in your skin


What to Wear

  • Invest in at least one new piece of lingerie that fits and makes you feel ultra-sexy.
  • Bring something of his… Tie, dress shirt, favorite sport team t-shirt, his college t-shirt.
  • Boudoir doesn’t have to limited to lingerie you can be sexy without revealing too much. In this case I suggest you bring your favorite dress, jeans, cardigan, and button up shirt, pencil skirt, fitted t-shirts and wife beaters.
  • Killer push up bra!!!!!

**The Best advice is to shop for your body. This will assure that you look your absolute best.**